Welcome to the world of top-quality Finnish shoes

Stylish and well-fitting shoes for the Nordic climate

Finnish Oy Avec-Shoe Ltd makes men’s and women’s shoes designed for the Nordic foot and conditions, as well as hiking and special cold-weather footwear.

The success of this Parkano-based family business is based on high-quality, good-looking Topman footwear, in which you can easily walk through rain, slush and ice without slipping or getting your feet wet.

”We are experts on Nordic feet and capricious Nordic weather conditions. Our Topman shoes are made from durable materials, and they look and feel good on your feet,” says fourth-generation shoemaker and Managing Director, Vesa Suokko.

In addition to the company’s flagship store in Helsinki, the Topman brand is also sold by leading retail chains and private shoe shops in Finland, the Nordic countries and Russia. About 40% of the company's production goes to export.


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