Welcome to the world of top-quality Finnish shoes

The story of quality shoemaking has more than 70 different work stages

The production process for Topman shoes is long and has many stages. From the start of design to the production of the prototype takes almost two weeks. There are about 70 different work stages - and up to 120 for women's winter boots.

The job of the designer is to combine a stylish appearance with user comfort. That’s why Topman footwear favours classic, simple and clean designs.

”I get my ideas for new models of shoe for example from the clothes fashions for the coming season, but the wonderful materials in themselves also feed my inspiration,” says Product Designer, Juha Vainio.

A good last is the heart of everything

Typically the design for a new model of shoe begins with the last, so that the basis of the shoe can be anatomically correct. Next, based on the conceptual drawings done by the designer a three-dimensional model is made, on which the shoe’s lines and cuts are drawn.

After the design stage, the shoe is planned using CAD software and the digital patterns are sent to the cutter. After the cutting of the material, the final prototype can be stitched.

”Shoes entail much hidden work like support structures, which cannot be seen on the surface. Therefore, you can only recognise a good shoe by trying it on,” says Juha.


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