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Well-maintained shoes will be noticed

Regular and attentive care will keep your shoes clean and extend their useful life. Different surface materials of course have their own special care products and ways of looking after them, but the basic rule is always the same: protection, cleaning, surface renewal and rest.

1. Protection

It is important to protect new shoes well, even before the first time you use them. A high-quality protective agent will impregnate the shoe making it water-and dirt-resistant, will prevent salt-staining and improve thermal insulation. Remember that the protective agent will wear off with use, so treat your shoes with it regularly.

Full-grain leather

Apply either normal shoe polish or, in order to achieve better moisture protection, leather grease. You can also use an impregnating spray. Use the spray outside or in a well-ventilated room.

Suede and nubuck leather

Suede and nubuck leather shoes get dirty more easily than ordinary leather shoes. When the shoes are new, spray the surface immediately with plenty of impregnating or protective agent and repeat if necessary.

Patent leather

Protective agents are not suitable for patent leather or plastic-surfaced shoes. The shiny surface of the shoes will, however, efficiently repel dirt and moisture by itself.

2. Cleaning

Always dry and clean the surface and soles of the shoes after use. Suede and nubuck leather shoes get dirty more easily than ordinary leather shoes, so they need special care.

Full-grain leather

Clean dust, mud and other dirt after each time that you use the shoes, either with a shoe brush or a damp cloth. Dirt that is difficult to remove is best cleaned with a cleaning agent designed for the purpose.

Suede and nubuck leather

Allow mud stains to dry then brush them lightly off. Treat the shoes regularly with a suede rubber or brush, which will clean dirt and dust from the surface but still keep the beautiful fluffy surface of the material.

Patent leather

Always wipe patent leather shoes after use with a soft cloth, and remove possible stains with a damp cloth.

3. Surface renewal

Real leather is a durable and breathing material, the appearance of which often just improves with use. The surface of a worn leather shoe can be spruced up again by using the right product. Only use polish on a clean and dry surface.

Full-grain leather

Apply the polish in circular movements with a sponge or soft cloth. It can be applied more liberally at the joint between the sole and the shoe’s upper.

Allow it to dry for up to 20 minutes, after which you can polish the surface with a soft woollen, flannel or cotton cloth.

You can also buy fast-acting polishes, which are especially handy on trips. The silicon they contain, however, can dry out the surface and turn it grey, so don’t use such products regularly.

Suede and nubuck leather

Spruce up worn suede with a metal-bristled suede brush. You can do this quite hard – the purpose is to open up a compressed surface and make it fluffy again.

Some qualities of suede can even take polishing with fine sandpaper. A faded colour can be renewed with a colour treatment spray.

Do not, however, use a shoe brush that has been used to polish full-grain leather so that the shoe polish on the brush will not adhere to the surface of the suede.

Patent leather

Apply special patent leather polish with a damp cloth and then carefully dry the shoes. Do one shoe at a time, as the polish must not dry before it is buffed up.

4. Rest

Keeping the shoes clean and dry is the most important thing you can do. Buy a few pairs of insoles for your shoes, which you can rotate and air in turn. If you suffer from sweaty feet, use good-quality socks and odour-eaters. You can get additional protection for your shoes from special deodorants, which freshen and disinfect, at the same time preventing the growth of fungal microbes.

Keep your shoes well aired and give them plenty of space, either in their box or on a shoe shelf. Shoes will keep their exact shape if you put shoe trees in them when not in use.