Welcome to the world of top-quality Finnish shoes

Shoe markings indicate the used materials
and provide care instructions

Shoe markings indicate what material the shoe’s upper, lining, sole, and insole are made of.

International markings help you with quality comparison during purchasing and help you choose the right care products for your shoes.
Topman shoes are made from quality materials that are well-suited for Nordic weather conditions. The markings can be found on the shoe’s hang tag.

The starting points for the design of Topman shoes are the anatomy of the Nordic foot and the requirements set by the capricious Nordic climate. All models have a specially designed last, which supports the foot optimally, enabling it and the toes to move naturally.

As far as materials and manufacturing methods are concerned, the materials and special solutions we use ensure that your steps will be steady and your feet will be dry and warm – or pleasantly cool – depending on the time of year.

Non-slip sole

The non-slip sole of Topman shoes is made from a special rubber compound that guarantees maximum traction on all surfaces and in all temperatures.

Porelle coating

The water-resistant Porelle coating used in Topman shoes breathes and
prevents water droplets from penetrating from the outside but allows fine
steam through from the inside, letting feet breathe.


 Vuori ja sisäpohjaLining & Sock
 PohjaOuter Sole
Coated Leather
Muut materiaalit
Other Materials